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The Process

1. Carbonizing & Raw Sourcing

Our company diligently scours the regions known for producing the finest coconut shells, carefully selecting and carbonizing only the highest quality raw materials, as we understand that this crucial step is paramount in creating the exceptional grade of charcoal that sets us apart in the industry.

  • Our initial focus centers on investing in manpower and storage facilities in the regions where we procure our raw materials.
  • We meticulously select the most qualified individuals to oversee the carbonizing process, ensuring that our stringent quality standards are upheld.
  • We place great importance on safeguarding and nurturing positive relationships with farmers, to ensure that our supply chain remains consistently supported.

2. Raw Material Treatment & Powdering

Upon the arrival of our raw materials at the factory, our initial step involves thoroughly cleansing the materials to eliminate any extraneous matter and ensure that only coconut charcoal remains for our production. Subsequently, we progress to converting the raw materials into powdered form.

3. Mixing

Our next procedure involves combining the coconut charcoal powder with water and glue, and achieving an immaculate mixture is of paramount importance, as it is integral to preserving the optimal hardness of our briquettes.

4. Briquetting & Cutting

Following the mixing process, we proceed to briquetting or shaping the materials, tailoring the size of our briquettes according to the specific requirements of our customers’ orders.

5. Oven / Drying

After our briquettes have been meticulously shaped and sliced, the subsequent stage entails drying them in our state-of-the-art oven, featuring advanced technology sourced from Germany, renowned for its unparalleled efficiency and eco-friendliness. The drying process typically spans approximately 24 hours, allowing us to attain the requisite moisture content.

6. Cooling

Before packaging our briquettes in plastic and boxes, we allow them to cool down following the oven process, a crucial measure to prevent the risk of self-heating, which poses a significant hazard during transportation.

7. Packing

Following the cooling process, we carefully package our products into plastic and boxes according to our customers’ specific requirements.

8. Shipment

As the final stage, we load our carefully produced coconut charcoal briquettes into containers and are ready to be shipped to our loyal customers.

About Our Company

We began scouting high quality coconut shells in 2015. After years of research and dedication to the product, we have since evolved into a self-producing factory.

Through hard work and belief that we could produce a superior charcoal briquette, we now have a finished product that we can be proud of and that our customers will value.

Our focus is on making the best charcoal briquettes in the world for SHISHA & BARBEQUE and offering a variety of size options to suit your needs.

Until now, we have kept a low profile in the industry, so that we could focus on achieving the desired quality that our customers will demand.

Revive Our Rain Forests Today: Urgency for Action
Our company is committed to using sustainable practices in our manufacturing processes, and one of the ways we achieve this is by implementing the Green Industrial concept throughout our operations.
Protecting Rainforests Is Critical for Our Planet's Future
Rainforests play a critical role in mitigating global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, as well as stabilizing the climate, housing diverse plant and animal life, and producing rainfall. Therefore, protecting them is essential.
Why are Trees Being Cut Down and What are the Consequences?
Deforestation is mainly caused by logging, and the wood industry plays a significant role in this. Valuable trees such as mahogany and teak are felled for export, while smaller ones are utilized for charcoal production. These activities lead to several environmental issues like climate change, erosion, and flooding.
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What Our Clients Says

I was blown away by the quality of the Shisha Coal. What really sets this product apart is the attention to detail in its production. It’s no surprise that I’ve reordered this product several times over the years.

– Oliver Smith, Australia

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